was a rough day, but it ended well. I'm always irritated when some dumb thing some radical group of Christians once did makes someone think that all Christians are dumb or silly. Today's example: one of my professors told a story about a pre-movie announcement he once saw in the 70s that some religious group had paid for saying that daylight savings time was evil. Gahhh. The class laughed; I did too...that kind of crap is ridiculous and unbiblical...I don't know of any reasonable Christian that has ever suggested otherwise. Sometimes people say silly, unbiblical things in the name of Christianity, and while they mean well, it makes Biblical Christianity get laughed at right along with it. Not because there's a necessary connection between the two, but because people don't take the time to realize there's a difference between that drivel and true Christianity. Much easier to laugh at the silly kind; even more so if you think that's all there is.

Of course, what upsets me more is my lack of a response; such an irrational attack on Christianity as followed that story should have been easily quelled...but I guess I didn't want to get into an argument. But I do always get annoyed when people complain about their circumstances but don't try to fix them. I am sometimes the worst example of my own standards.

On the bright side, though, I had a good Bible study tonight, and got to hang out with Jamie a little bit afterward. She makes me smile even on the rough days, and that's one of the MANY reasons I'm glad she agreed to marry me. Always good to end on a high note; good night whoever reads this!