Jamie and I have been dating for two years. I think that's awesome. In honor of the occasion, I have written a poem (or rather, I am about to write a poem, which by the time you read it will have been written already):


That Jamie is a real cool girl
I need not to convince;
She never yet has made me hurl;
Yes! I do love her, since
her smile, it dances on her face,
and 'neath it lies a heart
which, with great kindness interlaced,
can make the bad times part.

A moment of interpretation for those of you who find my poem worthy: everything in it is true. Jamie has never, EVER made me hurl. Also, for you organists out there...this poem is written in Common Meter, which means you can sing it, should you so desire, to a number of nice old hymn tunes which I will not mention here, in order to ensure that none of my friends try and are thus forevermore distracted when singing those hymns in church.

I love you Jamers; happy two-year!