People down here have been talking lately about our need for rain. I don't know much one way or another about how dangerously dry it's been, since I've never been good at keeping up with that sort of thing. But I know one thing for sure: I miss North Dakota thunderstorms.

I think Jamie thinks it's a bit weird to like the rain as much as I do; after all, when it rains in Denton it generally raises the smell of bird poop everywhere, and it's not very pleasant. But the other day when we got home from somewhere and it was raining hard, I wouldn't even get out of the car for a few minutes because I liked the sound so much. It was relaxing; it reminded me of sitting in the garage back home in Dakota with the door open, just watching the storm as it raged down.

It's probably crazy to miss something like that, but heck, I liked it.