A couple of weeks back Adrian Rollett (one of my co-workers in the CWS office) and I submitted a talk proposal for this coming weekend's DrupalCamp Austin; we've been doing a lot of Drupal deployment research at work lately, and thought it would be worth sharing what we've found. The schedule was posted this morning, and it turns out we're in!

I'm excited to present; this will be my first time speaking at a professional conference, and I think the subject matter will be of interest to a lot of folks, especially people who deploy a lot of similarly-configured Drupal websites. Adrian will be leading off with a discussion of drush_make and install profiles, and I'll finish it up talking about the features module. Taken together, these three pieces of functionality make it possible to encapsulate your Drupal site's configuration in versionable source code, which in turn makes it one heck of a lot easier to redistribute those configurations as desired.