Musical Résumé

Although my day job is in IT, I've got quite a bit of training and experience as a jazz trombonist. This post serves as a partial list of my most interesting musical endeavors to date. If you would like to book me for an upcoming gig or recording session in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can find my contact information towards the bottom of this page; I'd love the opportunity to play!


The following recordings are listed in chronological order by the date the tracks I played on were recorded, not necessarily by the date the album was released.

Also, please note that the North Texas Jazz recordings listed below are published with the express written consent of the department, and may not be reproduced elsewhere without first obtaining similar consent.

Two Twos album cover
Two O'Clock Lab Band. Two Twos
. North Texas Jazz, 2012.
I played second trombone (solo chair) in the Two O'Clock during the Spring 2012 semester.
  • Blue Daniel (solo)
  • Blue Daniel (trombone soli)
Lab 2005 album cover
One O'Clock Lab Band. Lab 2005
. North Texas Jazz, 2005.
I played second trombone (solo chair) in the One O'Clock for the entire 2004-05 season.
  • What Follows (trombone solo)
Unreleased recording
One O'Clock Lab Band. Lab Band Madness 2005. Rec. 2005. North Texas Jazz, unreleased.
Every spring, all nine of the UNT lab bands put on a live concert; during the 2005 show, I played a trombone feature arrangement of "Emily".
  • Emily (trombone feature)
Avenue 'C' Jazz album cover
Two O'Clock Lab Band. Avenue 'C' Jazz
. Rec. 2004-06. North Texas Jazz, 2009.
A compilation album featuring several years' worth of Two O'Clock Lab Band recordings. I'm playing lead trombone on the tracks from spring 2004.
  • Water Wings (trombone section backgrounds)
  • BeBop Charlie (ensemble interactions)
Lab 2003 album cover
One O'Clock Lab Band. Lab 2003
. North Texas Jazz, 2003.
On this album I can be heard playing third trombone.
  • Translucence (trombone section pads)
  • Rhyth Migot (ensemble interactions)
The Best of the Big O album cover
Two O'Clock Lab Band. The Best of the Big O
. Rec. 2001-03. North Texas Jazz, 2005.
Another Two O'Clock compilation album. I'm playing lead bone on the fall 2002 tracks.
  • Easy to Love (head chorus)
  • Nanu Nanu (trombone backgrounds during trumpet solo)
Unreleased recording
Two O'Clock Lab Band. Rec. 2002. North Texas Jazz, unreleased.
I played this trombone solo on an unreleased track from the Best of the Big O session:
  • Daahoud (trombone solo)

In addition to the above, I also show up in a video on the North Texas Jazz Studies video page playing lead bone in the trombone soli from Thad Jones' Tip Toe.

Performance experience

I've had the opportunity to perform with each of the following selected ensembles:


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Contact Information

If you'd like to contact me about a performing or recording opportunity in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the following call button will connect you to my voicemail. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to send me an email, my account name is jazzslider.

(Note: for reasons I have not yet had time to research, the call button does not appear to work in WebKit-based browsers [Safari and Chrome]. Until I manage to find the problem, please be advised that you'll need to use Firefox or IE to use the call button [or just email me if you don't want to worry about browser compatibilities].)