On competition amongst musicians

Last week I finally watched Whiplash; as a student of jazz I was kind of nervous to see it at all, especially given the general reaction in the jazz education community.


Baby's First Education

My daughter Ellie is now ten months old, and due to the fact that her mother and I both work full time, we recently enrolled her in a local day care program. It wasn't the easiest decision to make, as we'd both love to be able to stay home and take care of her ourselves; however, the experience has not been without its own unique joys. To help myself remember, I thought I'd share a few.


Semester Projects

This semester at UNT I'm going to be taking graduate-level jazz arranging. We've only had a few class sessions so far, but I can already tell it's going to be an interesting term.


Drupal Edu Initiative launched

I mentioned awhile back that one of my coworkers and I were considering putting together a simple resource site for Drupal users in educational contexts; today, is live (many thanks to Acquia for providing the hosting)!


Kids these days...

Sometimes when I go to pick up Jamie from school in the afternoons I get to her classroom and she's off on one of the many necessary errands of a four-prep high school teacher. I usually go in and wait around a bit, but a lot of times the janitor comes by and we talk about (a) the weather, and (b) disrespectful children. As per my previous post, I would at any time take all the inclemencies of (a) over the weakest sprinkle of (b). That being the case, I probably shouldn't be a substitute.


How to teach trombone

My substitute teaching work has been pretty lucky so far; the majority of it has been music-related, which means at the very least that I know the subject (if not the kids). On Friday I was teaching trombone sectionals for sixth graders...they had literally been playing for eight months, if that. When one of them asked how long I had been playing, we discovered together that my trombone experience extended his entire life.

Goodness me...

Today was my first day substitute teaching...actually it was sort of an unexpected half-day; I got the call around 10:15, and seeing as how I was free, figured I should take it.

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