Looks like Google's testing something...

Ran a search or two this morning, and discovered to my dismay that my computer was in danger from the entire internet; every result I saw in every search I tried contained this ominous warning about how the site "may damage [my] computer":


I think it's dead...

In honor of my having not posted in quite some time, I would like to present the following picture:

This is from a rather unexpected snow day here in Denton a few weeks back; it was lots of fun, and there are probably more pictures I should post if I get the chance. Meanwhile, happy broccoli!


Put it in writing

Today I woke up and I didn't really want to, which is expectable on a Monday. So, I thought to myself, "Why not post a comment on your blog declaring it to be Saturday? Since it's in writing, everyone will have to believe it."



A joke from this morning's sermon at Oak Hills:

A minister, out for a morning stroll through his neighborhood, happened upon two young boys and a small, stray puppy. The boys seemed pretty excited about something, and the minister decided to find out what was going on."What are you two up to?" he asked.

One of the boys turned toward the minister and grinned. "We found this puppy, and we're having a lying contest to see who gets to keep him."

"A lying contest?" asked the minister.


Kids these days...

Sometimes when I go to pick up Jamie from school in the afternoons I get to her classroom and she's off on one of the many necessary errands of a four-prep high school teacher. I usually go in and wait around a bit, but a lot of times the janitor comes by and we talk about (a) the weather, and (b) disrespectful children. As per my previous post, I would at any time take all the inclemencies of (a) over the weakest sprinkle of (b). That being the case, I probably shouldn't be a substitute.