Distributing Zend Framework Modules

It’s been almost a month now since the release of Zend Framework 1.8, and although I was very excited about some of the new features, it’s taken me awhile to digest that excitement into something bloggable.


My Home NAS, Part 3

Now that the hardware's put together, the next step is installing the operating system.  As I mentioned earlier, my goal here is to install Debian Etch (actually, for reasons related to my backup policy, I ended up going with Debian Lenny; the install process is almost exactly the same, but you get slightly newer software) onto the onboard CompactFlash card without having to install an optical drive to do it.


My Home NAS, Part 2

Well, the hardware's least most of it.  Aside from the defunct Hitachi Deskstar I mentioned in Part 1 of this lovely series, everything else has arrived intact and ready to go.  So, I thought it might be a good time to post some notes on the assembly process.

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