The voice of the congregation

I've recently started putting together some arrangements for my church's worship orchestra, which has been a great way to use my training as a writer as an expression of faith. I'm very grateful to be part of a music ministry that still uses a full orchestra, as it creates so much more opportunity for people to participate —for more on that subject, check out my Music and Tradition post from a few years back.


Lessons from five-year-olds

This afternoon Jamie and I co-directed another session of the Denton Bible kindergarten choir. We took the kids "Christmas caroling" around various empty classrooms as a way of teaching them some new Christmas songs without losing track of their attention spans…turned out to be a great way to keep them on task. We've also been teaching them about various kinds of musical opposites: fast/slow, loud/soft, notes/rests, and so forth. I don't really remember what kinds of concepts I was learning at that age, but they seem to be getting it pretty well.

On Music and Tradition in the Modern Church

Recently my blog has been predominantly tech-oriented, which is likely not much of a surprise to people who know me well; I really enjoy working with computers, and I like helping others do so more effectively. However, I never envisioned this blog as a one-subject pony, and as such, I'd like to take some time today to post about something else important to me.