Most of my blogs are distinctly lacking in personal narrative, probably because I feel like I always need to say "something important" (it is the internet, after all). This, however, is not one of those "something important" sorts of posts…this is just me processing a very eventful week. If you enjoy that sort of thing, please …well, enjoy!


The Sunday morning service at Denton Bible was one of my favorites in a long while, mainly on account of the historical range of the music we played. We started off by playing some Gabrieli (late 1500s), moved through an arrangement of Beethoven's Ode to Joy (1824), covered a couple of Hillsong praise songs, and topped it off with a choral blues piece. I love it when I'm so tangibly reminded of the depth of the historical tradition of this religion; sometimes it's easy to forget that we modern Christians are a part of something much older and more substantial than our own experiences.

Later that evening Jamie and I got to go carve pumpkins with our friends the Davidsons; we've kept up the tradition for three years running, but this time we had some trouble…got everything carved up and ready for pictures, but we didn't have any pumpkin-sized candles, and then the power went out. We did get a few pictures even without the candles, though; here's a couple you might enjoy:

Jamie and Adam with pumpkinsJamie carving her pumpkin hat


For the past couple of months I've been practicing intermittently with a friend's rock band, Lavish; this past Monday night was the group's first gig, at the Hot Box Pizza in Denton; I played keyboards, and I think I did OK…the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy the show. We got to catch up a bit with some friends we hadn't seen in awhile, too.


Our friends the Mayers are expecting their first child in April; on Tuesday night they had a party to announce the gender—turns out it's a boy! Actually, I kind of think it's funny how often people these days want to know the gender of their child; I've always thought it'd be more fun to be surprised. That said, I'll probably do the same thing when Jamie and I have kids; I've heard it makes it a lot easier to decorate.


Jamie's dad was in town Wednesday for a conference, so we drove down to Addison to have dinner. Got to try Nate's Seafood and Steakhouse, which was delicious.


Thursday night has become the most normal night of our week since we joined the church orchestra; enjoyed a good rehearsal Thursday night along with some late-night Jason's Deli when we were through.


That brings us to tonight. We had been planning a trip to Austin for this weekend's Texas Book Festival, but some last-minute work responsibilities kept us home, at least for tonight. Jamie has been sponsoring a program at her school where the kids get to write and illustrate a book and get a bound, published copy of it; sounds like the kind of thing I would have loved as a kid, but it's quite a bit of work! We spent the evening double-checking all the submissions to make sure the pages were in order, signatures in place, and so on. Turned out to be a late night at work, but now that we're home, it's time to relax and have some dinner.