I mentioned awhile back that one of my coworkers and I were considering putting together a simple resource site for Drupal users in educational contexts; today, http://drupaledu.org is live (many thanks to Acquia for providing the hosting)!

The initiative was born out of discussions at DrupalCamp Austin last fall; many of the folks we spoke with there were frustrated at how infrequently universities share information with one another on web issues. Since we at UNT CWS believe Drupal is a very useful tool in solving a lot of the typical web problems educational institutions face, we figured this kind of site would help tear down the silos and improve things for everyone.

At the moment, the site is very simple—authenticated users can post links to relevant outside sites, participate in forums, and vote on the usefulness of other user-contributed content. We hope the community will really get involved in this; the more people contribute content, the more useful the initiative becomes.

If this sounds interesting to you, please take a moment to check out http://drupaledu.org. And of course, if you have some Drupal-in-education-related content to share, please do; the more the merrier!