My wife and I are very excited to inform you, dear readers, that we are expecting our first child in October!

Here's my favorite picture so far:

Ultrasound picture

When this ultrasound was done, the baby was around 4cm long, with a heart rate of 161 beats per minute. I'm amazed at how quickly and precisely the child has grown; you can find all sorts of statistics about this online so I won't rehash the details here, but suffice it to say, the process is nothing short of miraculous.

Funny sidenote: the baby's heartrate has tracked pretty well with the tempo of my big band arrangement. During the final readthrough Jamie was across town at a doctor's appointment; that day the baby clocked in at around 158 bpm, which is right where my big band recording settled in. This, of course, proves without question that the child will be a jazz musician one day :)