I'm pleased to announce that this site has a brand-new look and feel! It's been several years since I've had a truly custom design on the site; the last time, I was running a homemade blogging engine I lovingly referred to as "Blahg," and had no choice but to custom-build the theme. I liked the result, which despite my being a trombonist was heavily piano-themed. But, when I switched off of Blahg to Octopress, I didn't really have time to take the same amount of care with the design —I pretty much just used the standard template with a couple of color changes:

Blahg screenshot
Octopress screenshot

This time around, I wanted to do something a bit more interesting. The new design aims to highlight my music work pretty heavily, as that's the main thing I'm using the site for these days. And unlike with my previous piano theme, I've actually used graphical elements inspired by the instrument I play best —the trombone. Photography credits go to my wife Jamie, who took the masthead portrait for me several years back. As far as overall design goes, I'd especially like to call your attention to the redesigned Music landing page and my Musical Résumé, both of which have been rearchitected to draw visitors' attention to my audio/video work samples, with the blog content playing second fiddle. Don't get me wrong —I love writing. But I suspect my work as a musician will be better served by examples of my music than by my own personal commentary on it, so I want to drive folks to the multimedia first.

For the more technically-minded: the new theme is built on top of Radix, an extensible Drupal base theme which is itself built on top of the Bootstrap responsive HTML/CSS/JS framework. Bootstrap is the part I'm most excited about, as it's made it a heck of a lot easier to create a truly responsive design that works properly across a wide variety of devices —phones, tablets and PCs. Oh, and as a nod to the rather large amount of technical content on the site, the right-hand border is an ethernet cable. Because, you know, ethernet cable.

I hope you like the new design —and even more importantly, I hope that if you like anything on my site you'll share it with others who may like it too. Thanks!