Adam Jensen (often appearing online as "jazzslider") is thirty-something years old, currently employed as a technical account manager at Acquia. Here are some of the hats he sometimes wears, in no particular order:

Web guy.

Adam has lots of experience designing and developing websites in PHP 5 and HTML/CSS, and has a strong passion for supporting open standards in all of his work. As of December 2007, he is a Zend Certified Engineer, an Acquia Certified Grand Master (having completed the Acquia Certified Developer, Back End Specialist and Front End Specialist exams) as of 2015. Some of his favorite open source toolsets are Zend Framework and Drupal, which powers this site.

Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5
Acquia Certified Developer 2014
Acquia Certified Developer Back End Specialist 2015
Acquia Certified Developer Front End Specialist 2015


Adam is also an accomplished jazz trombonist, composer, and arranger, having spent several semesters in the acclaimed University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band (see Musical Résumé). He is currently taking graduate courses in pursuit of a jazz arranging master's degree from UNT, and has several compositions for sale in this site's online store. He also plays regularly with the Denton Bible Orchestra, and serves with his wife Jamie as co-director of the church's kindergarten choir.


Adam holds a bachelor's degree from the UNT philosophy department, his primary interests being epistemology and the philosophy of religion. He is a committed evangelical Christian, regularly attending services at Denton Bible Church.

Family Man.

In 2005 Adam married his beautiful wife Jamie, who shares his passion for books, music, Jesus, and all sorts of strange humor. They currently live in Little Elm, Texas, part of the northern Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, with their two young and very energetic children.

Adam grew up in North Dakota, the son of two loving, supportive parents who always encouraged him to learn well and dream big. He also has one brother, who currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and flies elsewhere to climb mountains as often as possible.