Breaking the silence

You may have noticed quite a few changes to the website recently —what you haven't seen, however, is any new content from me. For some reason, I've been having trouble with words over the past few years. I find myself becoming significantly more introverted with each passing year, and I think that's caused me to be a lot more reserved about public introspection —which is sort of sad, because I've always enjoyed sharing my work with people through this and other mediums.

Blind Faith

Christian faith has never been blind, nor need it ever be, except perhaps at two points which very few people would ever seriously question.

First, it is a leap of faith to assume that there is anything outside of myself. Not a difficult leap of faith at all, especially considering that there are so many things in the world I experience which (a) I do not want to experience, or which (b) I do not consider myself capable of imagining, owing to their extreme profundity and my desperate finitude.