Takeaways from the One O'Clock Fall Concert

Tonight Jamie and I went to see the One O'Clock Lab Band's fall concert, with guest artist John Mosca, trombonist and co-leader of the Village Vanguard jazz orchestra. I don't think I'd been to a One O'Clock concert since I graduated a few years back, which is odd given how much I like jazz, and how close we've lived to UNT this whole time. But no matter; it was an excellent concert, and I hope to keep going back.


Lessons from five-year-olds

This afternoon Jamie and I co-directed another session of the Denton Bible kindergarten choir. We took the kids "Christmas caroling" around various empty classrooms as a way of teaching them some new Christmas songs without losing track of their attention spans…turned out to be a great way to keep them on task. We've also been teaching them about various kinds of musical opposites: fast/slow, loud/soft, notes/rests, and so forth. I don't really remember what kinds of concepts I was learning at that age, but they seem to be getting it pretty well.

Busy week…

Most of my blogs are distinctly lacking in personal narrative, probably because I feel like I always need to say "something important" (it is the internet, after all). This, however, is not one of those "something important" sorts of posts…this is just me processing a very eventful week. If you enjoy that sort of thing, please …well, enjoy!


On Music and Tradition in the Modern Church

Recently my blog has been predominantly tech-oriented, which is likely not much of a surprise to people who know me well; I really enjoy working with computers, and I like helping others do so more effectively. However, I never envisioned this blog as a one-subject pony, and as such, I'd like to take some time today to post about something else important to me.


I think it's dead...

In honor of my having not posted in quite some time, I would like to present the following picture:

This is from a rather unexpected snow day here in Denton a few weeks back; it was lots of fun, and there are probably more pictures I should post if I get the chance. Meanwhile, happy broccoli!


Put it in writing

Today I woke up and I didn't really want to, which is expectable on a Monday. So, I thought to myself, "Why not post a comment on your blog declaring it to be Saturday? Since it's in writing, everyone will have to believe it."



The strange thing about dusting is that it never looks all that necessary until after you've started. The other day Jamie and I discovered this when we decided to clean up a bit in our living room. When there's a thin layer of dust all over everything in the room, you don't notice it as much. But when you dust off even one shelf, table or picture frame, all the rest of the dust in the room becomes immediately apparent. It's like transforming an entire room into an abandoned warehouse with a single spritz of Windex.